The easiest way to get rich (the fact is this is what everyone needs to do) It's interesting to me that each of us has we've come to this realization already a person in our 30s, 40, or even in our 60s.But we don't discuss this in our 40s, 50, or even in our 60s.It's like you and I, being chased by a heavy weight is a new bacchanal, a whole new game has appeared... the topic of money in general and the possibility of rich people in particular.I will not comment on the absurdity of our youth — we have entered a completely different era.But I will share with you a few practical recommendations that will allow you to quickly establish your "relationship" with money:1) Start keeping track of your emotions.Anyone can tell you what they want to hear, but if you don't know how to handle your finances correctly, then this knowledge will not help you.It is for this reason that young people, with incredible ease, become their parents: their greed and emotional instability have nothing to do with their financial situation.2) Make your money "work" for you.This is how you will be able to create an impressive amount of capital in a short time:Your money will become the basis of your investment portfolio (it will also be used by the Bank to create your investment account). investment account).Your earnings will allow you to start investing regularly (by buying currency, stocks, and other financial instruments).3) Start saving money.This will allow you to gradually form impressive capital, the income from which will fully provide for your entire family. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".